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m. d. madhusudan
m. d. madhusudan
email: mdm@ncf-india.org
I am interested in understanding the ecological and social aspects of human activities that impinge on large wild organisms. I am also concerned about how such knowledge can be employed effectively to mobilize conservation action and change on the ground.
Besides this, my academic interests include biology of human-wildlife conflicts; ecology of large herbivores and carnivores; interface of conservation science with society, economy and politics; people-and-parks issues; alternate models of management of wildlife protected areas; and conservation issues in the tropics, particularly, the South and South-east Asian region.
My current interests focus on: i) assessments of human impact on large mammals, ii) the population dynamics, behaviour and conservation of the Asian elephant and gaur, and iii) using historical and ecological data in understanding the drivers of distributional change for select large mammals and birds in the Western Ghats.
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