Jignasa Patel

Project Manager, Education and Public Engagement

Jigu is a science communicator with diverse experience in the field of conservation education and outreach. A biology student for life, she has worked with marine sponges and sea turtles during her masters. Over the past few years, she has worked as an Education Officer in a Reptile Park in Ahmedabad, an initiative of CEE; and as a communicator on-board Science Express Biodiversity Special, a mobile train exhibition initiative by MoEFCC, India. She is also exploring science writing (published in Mongabay India and Research Matters) and science art. A birder and wildlife enthusiast, she has travelled to many a place, unkempt and unplanned. At NCF, she aims to learn and contribute to communications and outreach about nature, with birds as the main focus. She hopes to help build a community of birds and nature communicators. She can be reached at jignasa@ncf-india.org