Mythreyi Kumaraswamy

Project Assistant, Education and Public Engagement

MSc in Marine Biology - Pondicherry University; MA in Education - Azim Premji University

A fascination with all things wild and free led Mythreyi to explore terrestrial and marine ecology. A jack of many trades, she seeks to immerse herself in understanding the multidisciplinary aspects of Environmental Education and attempt putting them into practice. She focuses on dissecting socio-cultural and nature based experiences to recreate them for children. Through this process she attempts to incorporate methods of science, aesthetic appreciation, affective cognition and moral reasoning in her classes (in less pompous words, make students think about science, art, emotions and values associated with an experience, simultaneously). She writes fiction based on field experiences, advocates mental health awareness and is always eager to experience and learn new things (perhaps with the exception of attempting to brew good tea). In her free time, you can either find her curled up on a hammock with her nose in a book or find it difficult to find her as she would have gone off radar, on a motorcycle.