Aashish Gokhale

Research Associate, Education and Public Engagement

Aashish is a political ecologist(?). He is w(e)ary of labels and tends to overuse his parentheses. His work has largely stemmed from the Andaman & Nicobar Islands- working in research projects focusing on the Dugong and the Nicobar long-tailed macaque. Intrigued by relations between humans, animals and the state, his masters’ dissertation attempted to trace the political lives of macaques in Great Nicobar through a multispecies ethnography. More recently, Aashish worked with the Himalaya Lab at NCF studying human-wildlife interactions in the Lahaul landscape. He now looks to explore deeply new geographies with the Nature Classrooms project in collaboration with Azim Premji University. Besides and alongside work, Aashish actively looks for opportunities to swim, to climb trees, to be puzzled, and to laugh whole-heartedly.