Rishi Kumar Sharma

Research Scholar, High Altitudes

I obtained my Masters degree in Wildlife Science from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun in 2005. My master’s dissertation was an evaluation of population-density estimation approaches for tigers at Kanha Tiger Reserve, India. Subsequently I worked in the “All India Tiger Monitoring Project” carrying out the responsibilities of designing camera trap surveys, evaluating study design issues and assisting in radio-telemetry work. This was followed by a two year stint is the enchanting Sundarbans where I studied tigers in their unique mangrove habitat.

I am currently studying snow leopards in the Indian Trans-HImalayas to understand snow leopard habitat use at multiple spatial scales in multiple use landscapes.

A list of my publications is available at

My primary interests include carnivore ecology, animal behaviour and conservation biology. I run a blog about my experiences with nature, the species I study and the local communities I interact with at



Journal Article


Commensal in conflict: Livestock depredation patterns by free-ranging domestic dogs in the Upper Spiti Landscape, Himachal Pradesh, India

Book Chapter


South Asia: India. In Snow leopards. Biodiversity of the world: conservation from genes to landscapes. Series editor: Philip J. Nyhus, Volume editors: Thomas McCarthy, David Mallon. 

Journal Article


Does livestock benefit or harm snow leopards?

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