Aditya Malgaonkar

Research Affiliate, High Altitudes

M.Sc Wildlife Science, Wildife Institute of India. B.Sc Zoology, Wilson College, Mumbai University.

While in school looking out for scorpions, snakes and lizards was what kept me busy during those long summer vacations spent in my native Sindhudurg, Maharashtra . However, it was Sanjay Gandhi National Park that helped me discover wildlife in my own backyard in Mumbai and ever since I have been hooked. I volunteered with BNHS's Conservation Education Center as a nature interpreter and also took part in herbivore population monitoring surveys conducted by Center for Wildlife Studies in Karnataka during my graduate years. I followed my interest in wildlife ecology and conservation by pursuing a postgraduate degree in the field from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun. I studied the responses of rainforest lizard communities to tea plantation edges in Anaimalai Hills of Southern Western Ghats for my master's thesis. I have developed an interest in bio-geography, community ecology and population ecology while pursuing my coursework at WII, and I am keenly interested in how their theory can be applied in practice. It was during my master's course that I first visited Kedarnath WLS and Nandadevi and had a chance to explore wildlife in the Himalayas, this along with a brief stay at Spiti with NCF's team stroked my interest in working in high altitudes. My current work with NCF's High-Altitude Program involves assisting with the long-term monitoring of snow leopard populations.



Estimating snow leopard and prey populations at large spatial

Journal Article


Estimating snow leopard and prey populations at large spatial scales



Population Density Estimation of Mountain Ungulates from  Upper Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh.



Population Density Estimation of Snow Leopard from Upper Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh