Devika Rathore

Research Affiliate, High Altitudes

MSc. Environmental Studies and Resource Management, TERI University B.A. (H) Geography, Miranda House

I grew up in starkly different states of India, which gave me a chance to appreciate the diversity of flora and fauna at a very young age. Shifting schools came easy since I was eager and fortunate to see the One-horned rhinoceros in Kaziranga, Assam, to the camels of Jodhpur, Rajasthan or await what’s next in store for me. This fascination with wildlife stuck by till college where I opted for biogeography during my graduation which eventually led to choosing ecology and biodiversity conservation for my post-graduation. This passion and enthusiasm culminated to my overall aim, which is to work towards wildlife conservation through scientific research.

Currently, I am highly intrigued by carnivores in the high altitude landscapes of the Himalaya and Trans Himalaya. I’m working on the population ecology of the elusive snow leopard.

My previous work includes heading a research project on the Occupancy of Blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) in the Moyar Valley, Tamil Nadu, which served as my masters’ dissertation.




Journal Article


Population assessment of the Endangered Nilgiri tahr Nilgiritragus hylocrius in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve, using the double-observer survey method



Population assessment of the Nilgiri tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius) using the Double-observer Survey method in the Anamalai Tiger Reserve