Subhadra Devi

Programme Manager, Education and Public Engagement

I worked in the IT industry for 13 years before I quit and joined Teach for India and taught in a low income school in Pune for 2 years. I went back to the Corporate world for a further 3 years. When the urge to travel became overwhelming I left the industry again. I spent my time after that traveling extensively in India and pursuing my other hobbies of reading, baking, and gardening. While traveling in Arunachal Pradesh in 2014 I ended up in Eaglenest Sanctuary and there started my journey into birding. It took another 2 years for the birding and bird photography bug to bite me hard. I was on frenzied travels after that through a lot of birding hotspots in India as birding gave me a high as nothing else has given me so far.I love introducing young ones (and not so young ones also) to birding and nature, and through that into caring for the environment. Email: