Abhirup Khara

Research Affiliate, High Altitudes

Msc. in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, National Centre for Biological Sciences Msc. in Zoology, University of Calcutta Bsc. in Zoology, Gurudas College, University of Calcutta

I am from Kolkata where I have studied till I finished my Masters in Zoology. More I learnt about ecology and wildlife, I grew more interest in this subject. As I started birding and looking at natural entities, I felt more strongly about pursuing this field. As I got a chance in the masters' programme on wildlife and conservation biology in the National Centre for Biological Sciences, I completed my second masters. My dissertation work took me to the beautiful mountains of Trans-Himalaya in Spiti valley. In Kibber wildlife sanctuary, I worked on blue sheep and its forage clump exploitation behaviour and how pasture quality, body size and seasonal changes alter their decision making. It was a great opportunity for me to work with the local people to understand the conservation issues and was wonderful to spend five months in winter with the lovely people of Kibber and Tashigang village. I have immediately joined NCF as a research affiliate which is giving me a great opportunity to explore the beautiful mountains of Himalayas. I wish to understand the ecological processes driving different ecosystem properties and to use my scientific research to understand conservation issues. The only thing that can rival my interest in working in this landscape and looking at animals and plants, is my love of playing football.