Hidden Housemates Activities

By  admin March 31 2020, 6:36 AM

Introducing your Hidden Housemates! A set of games with resources and activities to engage with nature - from the indoors!

There is a lot of biodiversity that lives peacefully with us in our homes, balconies, home gardens - spot them and become a Biodiversity Detective! Observe your Hidden Housemates, and engage with these creatures through a few activities and resources that have put together.

You don't need to leave your home - look around your home, through a window, behind a door, under your mattress maybe, scale the corners of walls, shift a flowerpot - your hidden housemates could be anywhere!

Download the Hidden Housemates activity sets here:

1. Hidden Housemates 1 (PDF, 14 MB)

2. Hidden Housemates 2 (PDF, 12 MB)

3. Hidden Housemates 3 (PDF, 14 MB)

By Vena Kapoor, Labonie Roy and Roshni Ravi. To know more about the Nature Learning Project, click here.

Hidden Housemates 1 (NCF).pdf
Hidden Housemates 2 (NCF) 2w.pdf
Hidden Housemates 3 (NCF).pdf