Launching two children's books about India’s wildlife on World Wildlife Day

By  Shweta Taneja March 03 2021, 6:18 AM


On World Wildlife Day, Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) is pleased to announce a partnership with StoryWeaver, a digital platform designed to provide children with reading resources, a gateway to thousands of richly illustrated, open-licensed children's stories in mother tongue languages. It's a first-of-its-kind platform provides easy-to-use tools to create, adapt, and translate new stories for children.

The aim of this partnership is to bring out more stories about nature, birds and wildlife and enthuse children towards a love of the natural world that they will inherit.

The scientists and naturalists are working at NCF in a range of wildlife habitats—from coral reefs and tropical rainforests to the high mountains of the Himalaya -- relive their experience of studying and encountering the wild.

In Gyalmo: the Queen of the Mountains, two humans try to spot the most elusive cat in the world and fail, while the predator, a snow leopard named Gyalmo observes them silently. In Birds That Sing Their Name, Jegan, a scientist working in bird conservation, talks about birds and the beautiful songs they sing in the wild.


Koyna is in Spiti Valley trying to spot a snow leopard with her friend Lobzang. At the same time, Gyalmo, the snow leopard, watches from a distance as they try their best to see her. Read this humorous tale of humans and leopards by Ranjini Murali. Illustrated by the talented Komal Jain.


How do birds get their names? Sometimes people name them after their colours, size and food they eat. Sometimes, they get their names from the way they call or sing. Come meet some of the birds that sing their names. Read this riveting story on sounds by P Jeganathan, illustrated in watercolours by Ravi Jambhekar. We can still hear the echo of these songs!


Want to read more stories in the wildlife? Check other stories from people at NCF:

Spot some weaver experts in your neighbourhood with Kaveri and Shivi as they go looking for spiders in Off to See the Spiders in this riveting tale by Vena Kapoor.

Flippy the Flowerpecker visits a eucalyptus tree to find a meal but a surprise is in store for her! Find out more in the story by Garima Bhatia.

Killi and Killan the parakeets have lost their home. They set out in search of the woodpecker who can make them a tree hole nest. The birds discover many other nests, but will they find a new home? Read the story in Are You the Woodpecker? by Suhel Quader.

Follow a wise ant as she talks about carnivorous plants she has encountered in Little Green Animal Eaters by Geetha Ramaswami.


These books are an effort by the Nature Communications team at NCF to encourage awareness and appreciation of India’s wildlife in children and adults. If you would like to learn more about India’s birds and biodiversity and become part of our community, subscribe to our free newsletter, The Flock.