Response to COVID-19: Statement of support, solidarity

By  The NCF Community May 19 2021, 5:05 AM

These are difficult and trying times. We at NCF hope that you and your families, friends, colleagues are doing alright and are safe. Like many others, we at NCF have lost family members, colleagues and many who have and are recovering after contracting Covid-19 during this second wave.

NCF has programmes and people working and living in different geographical landscapes, including remote locations across India. We are trying our best to keep in touch and provide support to everyone across the Institution, including the communities we work and partner with. We are currently in the process of collating verified and (as much as possible) up-to-date information about it, including (i) Covid-19 safety, (ii) dealing with medical information and advice, and (iii) the importance of vaccinations.

Our hope is that this information will be useful in the different locations and contexts in which we work. We will also make these available on our website soon so that others can access these as well if needed. We are making sure that everyone within NCF has access to adequate resources to deal with the virus and is well supported during periods of lockdown or confinement. We are also encouraging all our staff and their families to get vaccinated as soon as it is possible at health centres in their region. We are still coming to grips with this pandemic, but in the locations where we work, we are exploring ways by which NCF can play a more meaningful role in the relief effort.

Given the seriousness and spread of the situation currently, we acknowledge that this will never be enough, and we are trying our best to do more. If you have any suggestions on how best we can make more of a difference, please do get in touch with Vena Kapoor at or Mousumi Ghosh at

Through this statement, we would also like to acknowledge and send our deep gratitude to the countless individuals, organisations, medical personnel, volunteers who are on the ground and often invisible, providing immeasurable support during this pandemic. It is these acts of kindness and empathy that make us human and keep us going.

We hope we come out of this soon - scarred, bruised, no doubt - but with a pledge that we will do better for humanity and for all life that shares this world with us.

In solidarity and support,

Everyone at Nature Conservation Foundation