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How you can help

At NCF, we need support for our research and conservation programmes. We deeply value any contributions you make to the cause of wildlife conservation by supporting its activities through donations. Please see the sidebar on the right --> to make a donation now

Where the money goes

We strive to channel most of our resources to field science and conservation programs, keeping organizational overheads minimal. Over four-fifths of NCF funds raised so far have been utilized for our field activities, the remainder being used to provide administrative, computer and library support to programmes.

Legal Status and Tax Exemption details

NCF is a public charitable Trust and is registered as a Non-Profit organisation under the Indian Income Tax Act.

NCF is recognised under:

  1. Section 80G of the IT Act 1961 (No.N-13/80G/CIT/Mys/2009-10, dated 24 April 2009) – where any Indian donor is entitled to claim deduction from their taxable income as applicable.
  2. Section 35 clause (ii) of sub-section (1) of the IT Act 1961 (F.No.203/6/2007/ITA-II, dated 18 January 2008) under the category ‘other institution’ where donations made by Indian business organisations or Indian citizens falling under the category of ‘professional’ or ‘self -employed business person’ can avail deduction from their taxable income as applicable. 
  3. NCF is also registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi to receive foreign contributions under the Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act. (No.: 094590169—Educational and Social.)

You can also support NCF's efforts by letting others like yourself know about us and our work.