Samraat PawarAysegul Birand
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A survey of amphibians, reptiles, and birds in Northeast India

NCF Technical Report No. 6

We undertook a survey of amphibians, reptiles, and birds in low- to mid-elevation sites along the montane tracts of Northeast India. Nine sites were covered over a period of eight months, with a special focus on inventorying forest species. The survey yielded a number of range records in the three faunal groups, and in the case of amphibians and reptiles, species new to science as well. Excluding records that are new for Northeast India, species seen during this survey comprise about 54%, 53%, and 32% of all the frog, reptile, and bird species, respectively, known from the region. In general, the survey gave a good indication of the extent to which biological information is lacking in the region, and highlighted areas and issues that need urgent scientific and conservation attention.