NCF's scientific research and nature conservation projects are supported financially by a variety of domestic and foreign sources. NCF receives and reports on funding from foreign sources in compliance with the Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act. Below is a summary of funds received (date and source of funds, and amounts received) by NCF from foreign sources during the current year. On the right are links, by financial year, to our statutory filings with the Ministry of Home Affairs for the previous four financial years. Reports for earlier periods are available on request.

Receipts from foreign sources for the Current Financial Year

Designated FCRA Account No.: 00000040150185503

Bank Name: State Bank of India

Branch: New Delhi Main Branch (NDMB)

Address: FCRA Cell, 1st Floor, 11 Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110 001

Donor-wise receipt of foreign contributions in the current financial year