Other Initiatives

Although most work at NCF is carried out within one or more specific programmes, there are a few projects that are carried out separately. This section lists these projects.

Independent Fellows

The Independent Fellows initiative in NCF is an opportunity for young researchers (usually immediately post-PhD) to work with us on their own projects. The Independent Fellows initiative is currently open only to those who bring their own salary and research funds from an external agency.


These are projects that are carried out by staff outside their 'home' programmes.

Adjunct Faculty

NCF's Adjunct Faculty include scientists from other institutions who contribute to our past and ongoing work . Many of them also actively contribute to our PhD Programme through their teaching and supervisory inputs.

Honorary Associates

NCF's Honorary Associates are professionals, mostly from other fields, who have ploughed in their skills and goodwill to support NCF's efforts to further the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature while being mindful of the social complexities of the real world.