Evan Nazareth


Senior Research Assistant, Oceans and Coasts

MSc Marine Biology

Since a young age I have been fascinated by wildlife, but it was an internship during my Bachelor's degree that motivated me to pursue a carer in shark and ray research. Since then I have worked on projects that highlighted the plight of these species in our waters through surveys conducted at fish markets along the coast of India. After graduating with a Masters's degree in Marine Biology I initiated a project in the Andaman Islands that documented the important role that particular sites along the islands' coastline play in the early life stages of Critically Endangered giant guitarfish (relatives of sharks and rays). I am currently expanding on this project by studying the role these habitats play to giant guitarfish and other rays, and in doing so provide data that can aid in conserving these species and the habitats they depend on.



Journal Article


Distribution of the Critically Endangered Giant Guitarfish (Glaucostegus typus) based on Local Ecological Knowledge in the Andaman Islands, India.