Mayuresh Gangal

Research Scholar, PhD


I joined NCF in late 2013 as a research affiliate. My work predominantly involved documenting traditional ecological knowledge regarding fishing in Lakshadweep archipelago, Monitoring reef fisheries in Lakshadweep archipelago and monitoring turtle herbivory on seagrass meadows in Lakshadweep archipelago. I also contributed to other research and conservation initiatives of my colleagues in the Lakshadweep islands. Since 2019 I am a doctoral student at NCF, Doing my PhD on fisheries policy interaction. I am registered in Manipal University. We are also collaborating with National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore.

For my doctoral work, I am exploring

i) the mismatch between biological (genetic) and management boundaries Indian coastal fisheries, and

ii) interaction between fish biology and fisheries policy for coastal Indian fisheries For more information about my research do check the project page below – “From production seascapes to biological systems: redefining coastal waters”

Apart from PhD I am a co-founder of a responsible seafood initiative called “Know Your Fish”, It is basically a calendar designed for the west coast of India which informs seafood consumers when to eat what fish and when to avoid it in order to minimize their own impact on the ocean ecosystem. For more information about Know Your Fish please visit (

I am particularly interested in marine ecosystems and would like to contribute in efforts to conserve them.





Larval connectivity in Lakshadweep



The life-history of a grouper along a Lakshadweep time-line

Journal Article


Structure and dynamics of South East Indian seagrass meadows across a sediment gradient

Sequential overgrazing by green turtles causes archipelago-wide functional extinctions of seagrass meadows