Devathi Parashuram

Programme Coordinator

M.Sc. in Applied Ecology and Conservation

I’m passionate about birds and enjoy being out in the field, far away from big cities. Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of working in diverse places such as the Western Ghats and the subtropical forests of Uttarakhand in India, and the neotropical forests of the West Indies, where I studied the highly endemic and endangered Forest Thrush (Turdus lherminieri). I believe that I have landed my dream job, working with the Eastern Himalaya Programme and based out of Arunachal Pradesh for most of the year. 

I’m an avid backpacker, always keen to immerse myself in new cultures. Ultimate frisbee is another one of my passions, and I’m known to carry a disc with me wherever I go. I play with a team at the Indian Institute of Science. I also enjoy writing and reading.





Hornbill Nest Adoption Program - 2018 Breeding Season



Hornbill Nest Adoption Program - 2017 Breeding Season