Eastern Himalaya

Nature Education Program

Helping local children develop a sense of pride and connectedness to their natural heritage by exposing them to the forests and wildlife in Pakke Tiger Reserve.

Teachers Training Workshop

Dr. Pranav Trivedi, our in-house Nature Education expert, held a four-day training program in 2019 for the Forest Department staff, NCF staff, school teachers and a few community members on how to conduct nature camps for children. A similar training workshop was also conducted in 2017.

Pakke Nature Clubs

2017 was an exciting year for us because it witnessed the birth of our Nature Education Program. As a first step, we set up Nature Clubs in 7 local schools in the Seijosa area, through which we are reaching out to children from Classes 6-9.

The main aim of the Pakke Nature Clubs is to expose children to the forests and wildlife around Pakke Tiger Reserve through year-round activities, which culminate in nature camps inside the park.

Nature Camps in Pakke Tiger Reserve

Nature camps are the highlights of our Nature Education program. Every year in November-December, school children get to camp out in the middle of the forest for two nights and three days. Younger children get to attend one-day camps. Our first batch of camps were conducted in November 2017 with 150 students from 4 local schools. In 2018, we scaled up to 200 students from 6 schools followed by 129 students from 4 schools in 2019.

These Nature camps are based on three different modules specifically designed for the Biodiversity and landscape of Pakke by Dr. Pranav Trivedi for children of different age groups.

During these camps the students no only learn important natural processes such as food chain, water cycle, photosynthesis etc. but, they also get to bond with the forest and its wildlife through nature walks, games and other activities. Refection and sharing is also a very important part of these camps.

In 2020, due to unprecedented situation we could only carry out online activities and a few on ground events that included online Nature/bird/plant Bingo, campus birding, nature games and nursery visit.

Year round activities

Besides Nature Camps, we also engage with the students year round through different events and activities that include rainforest nursery visits, bird walks, classroom sessions, nature art workshop and much more.

Some resources to help them connect better to nature

To get a copy of our colouring book and nature journal 'Wildlife of Pakke', click here

Also watch this short film about the program: