Rigzen Dorjay

Field Technician, High Altitudes

I am Dorjay from Ladakh. I am from a smalll village called Saspochey. After finishing my class 12, I wanted to explore something different. This is when I got the opportunity to work with NCF. I joined as a six-month volunteer and my job was to help PhD students in their field work. This is when i got this wonderful opportunity to know about wildlife conservation. I am very happy to be at NCF because here I learnt about the different flora and fauna of Ladakh. This also made me a nature lover and now I am very intersted in wildlife photography. I go to places where I see animals in their beautiful natural habitat. In my school, we are not taught about Ladakh's floral and faunal diversity. I am fortunate to be part of NCF's programme which deals with communities and tries to solve human-wildlife conflict.