Conservation Leadership

NCF Courses in Conservation Leadership 2024

Human lives are intrinsically connected to nature and therefore, adopting an inter-disciplinary approach is indispensable to understand how best to reconcile biodiversity conservation with human welfare. Such an approach transcends ecological sciences and is informed by socio-political realities and is a nuanced undertaking, requiring not just robust science, but  stakeholder engagement, negotiation, diplomacy, and collaborative spirit.

Conservation practitioners come from varied backgrounds and work in diverse fields. While their motivation comes from a deep passion and commitment, learning is often through trial and error. This is largely due to a lack of adequate formal training in inter-disciplinary conservation research and  practice, which is essential  to create a strong cadre of well-trained and motivated conservation leaders and practitioners. Recognizing this lacuna, NCF initiated courses in Conservation Leadership in 2019 that are meant for conservation practitioners and span essential conservation skills including project planning, fund raising, monitoring and evaluation of programmes, effective stakeholder engagement, and effective communication.

These courses aim to provide just that to practitioners who may be asking themselves:

  • How do I raise funds for conservation and research?

  • What are the steps for good conservation planning?

  • How can I monitor and evaluate conservation projects?

  • How do I communicate my conservation work?

    The courses aim to assist conservation practitioners in finding the best solutions to help them in their work.


PDF Courses in Conservation Leadership 2024-2.pdf

Who can apply

These courses are open to Indian conservation practitioners/government officials/local community members/researchers. They are meant for people who are engaged in conservation on-ground. The courses will be taught by NCF faculty and resource persons from other institutions.

Individuals may choose to apply for one or more courses. Please refer to details provided on the individual course posters to help you decide. Participants will be selected based on the application and potential applicability of the course content to their conservation efforts. Please make sure that you emphasise this in your application. Incomplete applications will be summarily rejected.

How to apply

Apply using the links below:

Fundraising for Research and Conservation

Human Wildlife Interactions

An Introduction to Conservation in Practice (in Malayalam)

Writing about Conservation

Project Planning and Management

Working with Local Communities (PARTNERS Principle)

Conservation Entrepreneurship

Monitoring and Evaluation of Conservation Programs

The deadline for submission of the applications is 15 December 2023.

For any questions you can reach us on, with "CL courses 2024" in the subject line.

NOTE: Selected participants will be notified within a week after the application deadline.

The dates for 'Human-Wildlife Interactions' course have been changed to 9th - 12th January, 2024 (3 days).

Additional information

Most courses will be held in Bangalore, except the course on "Human-Wildlife Interactions" (Mysore) and "An Introduction to Conservation in Practice (in Malayalam)" (Kerala Forest Research Institute, Kerala).

Limited support is available to cover travel/accommodation. Please fill up the relevant sections in the application form to be considered for support.

The courses are free. However, selected candidates will be charged Rs. 500 towards course material that will be provided during the course. Note, one participant selected for multiple courses will only have to pay the fee once.