Conservation Leadership

Courses in Conservation Leadership 2021

NCF is pleased to announce 9 online courses on conservation leadership from February to April 2021.

The courses are meant for conservation practitioners and span basic conservation skills including wildlife research, effective stakeholder engagement, monitoring, evaluation and communication.


Conservation practitioners come from various fields and backgrounds. They work from a deep passion and commitment, often through trial and error. To create a strong cadre of well-trained and motivated conservation leaders and practitioners, there are few places or resources that do justice to the inter-disciplinary nature of conservation research and practice.

These courses aim to provide just that to practitioners who may be asking themselves:

  • How do I raise funds for conservation and research?

  • What skills do I need to cultivate to deal with diverse


  • How can I monitor and evaluate conservation projects?

  • What are the steps for good conservation planning?

  • How can I use an entrepreneurial approach to conservation?

  • How do I communicate conservation?

    The courses to be conducted online during February-April 2021 aim to assist conservation practitioners in finding the best solutions to help them in their work.

Course details and application

Course details: DOWNLOAD

Apply at least ten days before the start date of a course.

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Selected participants will be notified in the week before a course starts.

NOTE: Details on some courses to be conducted in March and April will be updated shortly.