Eastern Himalaya

Our research is focused on hornbill biology, interactions between rats, seeds and rainforest trees, tree phenology, understanding patterns and processes in vegetation recovery following shifting cultivation. Past work has focused on monitoring threatened wildlife, understanding anthropogenic effects on wildlife, exploration surveys and management of reserves.

Programme Funding

  • Amiens Zoo Metropole, France (2016-17)
  • Atlanta Zoo, USA (2016)
  • Attica Zoological Park, Greece (2016, 2018)
  • Chester Zoo (North of England Zoological Society), UK
  • Department of Science & Technology (New Delhi)
  • Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, USA
  • Greater Vancouver Zoo, Canada
  • International Foundation for Science (IFS), Sweden
  • Lagos Zoo, Portugal (2016-17)
  • Nashville Zoo, USA (2016)
  • National Geographic Society (Conservation Trust grant), USA
  • National Geographic Society (Emerging Explorer program), USA
  • Planckendael Zoo, Antwerp, Belgium (2016-17)
  • Rufford Small Grants Foundation, UK
  • The Serenity Trust, Ahmedabad
  • Whitley Fund for Nature, UK
  • Wildlife Conservation Society-NY, USA
  • Wings World Quest (Women of Discovery), New York, USA
  • Rotterdam Zoo, Netherlands