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Dragonflies And Damselflies Of Anamalai Hills

Anamalai Hills, Dragonflies, Blue-tailed Yellow Skimmer (Palpopleura Sexmaculata), Ground Skimmer(Diplacodes Tri Vialis), Crimson Marsh Glider(Trithemis Aurora), Granite Ghost(Bradinopyga Germinata), Ruby Tailed Hawklet(Epithemis Marial), Pied Paddy Skimmer(Neurothemis Tullia), Trumpet tail(Acisoma Panorpoides), Emerald-banded Skimmer(Cratilla Lineata), Brown-backed Red Marsh Hawk(Orthetrum Chrysis), Black Steam Glider(Trithemis Festiva), Blue Marsh Hawk(Orthetrum Glaucum), Blue-tailed Forest Hawk(Orthetum Triangulare),Damselflies Clear-winged Forest Glory(Vestalis Gracilis), Pigmy Dartlet(Agriocnemis pygmaea), Saffron-faced Blue Dart(Psedagrion Rubriceps), Black tipped Forest Glory(Vestalis apicalis), Stream Ruby(Rhinocypha Bisignata), Yellow-striped Blue Dart(Pseudogrian Indicum), Stream Glory(Neurobasis Chinensis), Asian Slim(Aciagrion Occidentale) 

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