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Rajdeep Deb PurkayasthaAshwin Viswanathan
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Asian Glossy Starling Aplonis panayensis affinis in India: Recent records, and a note on its likely status in India and Bangladesh

The Asian Glossy Starling (currently) occurs regularly in south- eastern Bangladesh (southern Chittagong Hill Tracts), except during winter from November/December to February/March. Reporting dates from this region range from 23 April in Kaptai National Park, where a flock of up to nine birds was seen feeding on Ilex umbellata, to 14 October (eBird 2020). Ali & Ripley (1972) stated that the species is locally common in Bangladesh, but recent studies indicate that the species is uncommon (as stated by the authors) even at Teknaf Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the southern Hill Tracts. The species may just be a regular summer/breeding visitor to the Chittagong Hill Tracts, migrating to and from adjacent Myanmar where it may be spending the winter.