Education and Public Engagement

Communications & Outreach Manager

By  admin December 13 2019, 5:12 AM

The Education and Public Engagement Programme in the Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) is seeking a Communications & Outreach Manager to lead a project on outreach about nature through birds.

The overall goal of the project is to spread awareness, enjoyment, and knowledge about birds and their conservation (and through this, nature as a whole) to the public at large. This will be done by facilitating interactions between those already involved in communication about birds; by motivating more people to get involved in this way; and by building bridges to existing online and print media and publishing houses. A special emphasis will be made towards communication in languages other than English. By communication we don't mean only through the written word, but in a variety of creative ways, possibly including art, song, storytelling, multimedia, and more.

The Communications Manager will be responsible for:

  • Creating an overall communications plan for the project

  • Facilitating interaction and training workshops (eg for artists, journalists, non-English writers)

  • Supervising interns/volunteers working towards enhanced communication about birds

  • Building links to existing media outlets

  • Liaising with individual and institutional partners

  • Coordinating the production of a variety of communications materials

In this role, you will be coordinating, facilitating and encouraging enhanced communication about birds to the larger public. Although this is more of a coordination role than a communication role, some background and experience in the subject matter is important. We are therefore searching for individuals with 1-5 yrs of experience in communication/outreach and with a passion for spreading the love of nature to others. Experience with communication in languages other than English, and in media other than the written word is welcome. A personal network of a large number of nature communicators would help. The position is based in NCF's North Bengaluru office. Salary: Rs 30,000 to 45,000 (gross pay) per month depending on qualification and experience. Women and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please send the following materials to

  • Your CV

  • One page cover letter explaining why you are interested in this position, and in what way you would be a good fit

  • Names and contact details of two people who are familiar with your professional work and can provide references