Education and Public Engagement

The connection that we as individuals have to nature arises primarily through first-hand contact with animals and plants; with some kind of wilderness. Can we help make these connections? Once made, can we help nurture and develop them? In this programme, we engage children and adults in ecological observation; and develop, display and distribute nature education material.

Citizen Science

Although we know that the natural world is changing rapidly, there is very little information on the details, especially from a country like India, with tremendous biodiversity and relatively little research. One solution is for scientists and interested members of the public to team up to monitor what is happening. Our two primary projects along these lines look at bird distribution & abundance, and at tree seasonality.

Nature education material

The natural world is wonderfully diverse and varied. How can we convey our affection and fascination with nature to others? Over the years, NCF has developed a variety of material attempting to do this; and we continue to try to design and produce appealing and accurate material of this kind.

Writing for a broader audience

Many of us at NCF love to write, and through our writing, to describe our affection for nature. We write blog posts, and articles for newspapers, magazines and more. Our audience in this is varied: the general public, interested citizens, children. Describing what we value and explaining why we value it is as important as our research and conservation work.

Collaborating with Schools and Teachers

In partnership with schools, teachers, educationists and designers we are creating an age appropriate and locally relevant nature learning framework and modules

Programme Funding

  • Cholamandala Finance & Investment Company Ltd
  • Duleep Matthai Nature Conservation Trust
  • National Centre for Biological Sciences
  • Nilekani Philanthropies
  • The Serenity Trust
  • Wipro Applying Thought in Schools