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Nature Calls activities for children

How do we share our love and passion for the natural world with young people? The first step is to get children into the great outdoors. With all the other distractions around, this is easier said than done. In this series of activities, we encourage children to get familiar with the plants and animals around them.

Nature-based outdoor activities for children

Nature Calls is a series of nature-based activities for children aged roughly 8-14. We have created these activities to encourage children to go outdoors and observe and explore the natural world. Rather than providing lots of information, Nature Calls focusses on direct immersion and observation of nature.

Children can access these activities below, and write to us with their queries, and the observations they make in nature.

Initially, the ideas and content for the Nature Calls series were provided by NCF; Brainwave magazine designed, illustrated and published the series.

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Download the activities here:

1. All About Ants (PDF, 11 MB)

2. Wonder Wasps (PDF, 6 MB)

3. Moths (PDF, 10 MB)

4. Life of a Leaf (PDF, 7 MB)

5. Gecko (PDF, 7 MB)

6. Share My Home With (PDF, 11 MB)

7. Koel Melodies (PDF, 7 MB)

8. Kitchen Garden (PDF, 8 MB)

9. Freaky Fungus (PDF, 6 MB)

10. A Feather in Your Cap (PDF, 7 MB)

11. Creatures of the Night (PDF, 14 MB)

12. Chirp Chirp (PDF, 6 MB)