Sanjay GubbiH C PoorneshaN S HarishAparna K
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Safely handling situations when leopards enter human dense areas - English version

This manual covers key measures to be taken by various agencies in handling situations when leopards venture into human dense areas. It provides practical information to handle leopard situations when they enter cities, towns, villages, when leopards fall into dry or wells with water, or when they are found caught in snares. 

The manual also provides information on the equipment that's required to be kept by the forest department and other agencies in areas where there are repeated instances of leopards entering human dense areas. It provides information on Karnataka government procedures in providing ex-gratia, documenting leopard presence in an area, and outreach activities that could be undertaken in high interface areas.

This manual is also available in Kannada.

Sanjay Gubbi, H. C. Poornesha, N. S. Harish & Aparna K.