Western Ghats

Biodiversity Basics: Natural History of the Western Ghats

This beginner level online course is meant for those interested in learning about nature, especially of the Western Ghats region. In this course, you will learn about the natural history and rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats from experts and naturalists from around India.

This online course is organised in 8 Chapters containing 26 Videos (pre-recorded). Each chapter introduces a topic broadly before delving into the Western Ghats. The chapters will help you to become a better naturalist, providing guidance on making good field notes and observations, on using various apps to record your data and contribute to citizen science, and on ethics of observing nature as a responsible naturalist.

Recommended activities geared to help participants get out and gainfully learn about plants and animals in their neighborhoods are also introduced with some of the videos.

The videos for this course are a part of the training materials made originally for an Online Nature Guide Training Course that was created to offer an opportunity to rural youth of the Western Ghats to build careers as nature guides.

Course Schedule and Application

Course dates: Access open from 1st October 2021 (available till 30th December 2021)

Payment for access to digital content: Rs 1500/-

Application form and payment instructions: Click here

Seats are limited. Selection on first-come first-served basis. (Registration will close as soon as seats are filled or 29th September 2021, whichever is earlier.)

For any questions you can reach us on natcourse@ncf-india.org

We do not offer a certificate for this course.

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October 2021

July 2021