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Online Nature Guide Training Course

Course for Nature Guides focused on the Western Ghats

This basic-level Online Course is meant for those interested in nature and in exploring a career as a Nature Guide. The role of a Nature Guide is to conduct informative, ethical, and enjoyable nature excursions for interested people and groups. This Online Course is spread over 31 days (in 10 Learning Sets) and covers topics on Natural History with a special focus on the Western Ghats region and Basic Guiding skills. The course assignments are geared to encourage the participants to explore and learn about the plants and animals in their neighborhoods and develop specific guiding skills. There will be a maximum of 12 participants. Those who attend all live sessions and complete the course requirements will be given a certificate of course completion by NCF.

Course schedule and application

Course Dates: 7 February to 10 March 2021

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Last Date: 25 January 2021

Video introduction to Online Nature Guide Training Course

Course mentors

This is a mentorship course that is led by our experienced naturalist mentors, Payal Mehta and Harsha J. Both have extensive experience as nature guides and trainers across many parts of India and other countries. They will be interacting with the participants throughout the length of the Course.

Course fee and registration

The course is free. However, selected candidates will have to pay Rs. 500 towards study material that will be provided during the course.

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This course is developed as part of the nature education, awareness building, and outreach efforts of the Anamalai Rainforest Restoration Project in the Western Ghats program of the Nature Conservation Foundation.

Technical Support

Rohit Varma and Anirudh Umapathy, Nature inFocus, Bengaluru

Advice, Ideas, Content

Payal Mehta and Harsha J with Abhisheka Krishnagopal, Abidur Rahman (Northeast India), Annie and Eric Gropp, Annie Van Dinther, Arpita Dutta, Conan Dumenil, David Raju, Deepanker Mukherji, Denzil Britto (Rao Jodha Park, Jodhpur), Devi Priyadarshini, Divya Mudappa, Ganesh Raghunathan, Garima Bhatia, Janhavi Rajan, Justin Peter, Kalyan Varma, Karan Chawla, Karthikeyan Srinivasan, Kitta (BRT Tiger Reserve), Mittal Gala, Mousumi Ghosh, Narayan Rangaswamy, Nikita Khamparia, P. Jeganathan, Priya Venkatesh, Ramya and Mark, Robyn and Tony Martin, Rohit Varma, Saee Gundawar, Sarath Champati, Shahnaz Baig (Tadoba), Siddarth Machado, Subhadra Devi, Suhel Quader, Surya Ramachandran, Swati Sidhu, T. R. Shankar Raman, Teresa and Ged Caddick, Toby Sinclair, and Vineith Mahadev.