Sanjay GubbiH C Poornesha

Land of the Honey Badger

Sanjay Gubbi & H. C. Poornesha

Land of the Honey Badger is a book of photo essays that contains glimpses of the elements that make the Cauvery - Malai Mahadeshwara Hills landscape as beautiful as it is, including trees, fish, mammals, people and birds. Co-authored by Sanjay Gubbi and H. C. Poornesha, this bi-lingual book contains carefully curated and some breathtaking images that represent the flora, fauna and people of the Cauvery - MM Hills landscape, allowing the reader to connect with the less-explored wilderness.

This book reveals and celebrates the enchanting and hidden landscape of the dry forests nestled between the Kaveri and Paalar rivers in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. These forests notified as the Cauvery and MM Hills Wildlife Sanctuaries are crucial connections between the Western and the Eastern Ghats. This landscape is one of the most important wildlife habitats of the country, making it a vital refuge for some spectacular dry area life forms and home to some unique wildlife that are not found in other parts of the state.

It’s a land where wildlife struggles and survives the long dry periods.

These woodland savannah forests highlight nature’s resilience to persist and survive. Without these forests, many of the streams that feed into the Kaveri will fall silent. Without these forests, the orange-finned mahseer, the tiger of the rivers, will vanish.

Without the riverine forests of this area, the otters and crocodiles could lose their critical breeding grounds. The honey badgers and the grizzled giant squirrels would lose their only home in the state if these impressive forests were lost. These forests are critical for the future survival of both humans and wildlife.

This book is an effort to draw attention to the wonderful life forms of this area that needs urgent attention so that both nature and humans can thrive.