Western Ghats

Nurturing nature appreciation

Rekindling conservation awareness and connections with nature

Islands of rainforest amidst monoculture plantations, people living amidst endangered animals and plants – this is Valparai plateau. To conserve this remarkable ecosystem and cultural landscape and foster human –wildlife coexistence, we use education as a tool for nature appreciation, discovery, and conservation.

Education to conserve rainforest wildlife

In 2007, we initiated a conservation education program  in the Anamalai hills. The scope of the programme encompasses diverse sections of the population such as schools and colleges, self-help groups, estate workers, plantation managers, forest department officials, visitors, and the public in general. The programme aims to inform, educate, and generate an abiding and deeper interest in nature and conservation, and to make people feel a part of nature.

We identified specific conservation issues and relevant target groups. Various ways to foster sensitivity to nature and participation in conservation efforts were adopted. We addressed people using slide shows and screening of wildlife documentaries.  Students and other target groups were brought to or encouraged to visit our nature discovery centre, EcoQuest. We took school students and others along on nature trails and walks in rainforest fragments and surrounding plantations. We addressed students, tourists, forest department staff, estate workers and general public, with presentations on human-wildlife interactions. Educational materials such as books, posters, games, and other audio-visual material was produced in English and vernacular Tamil. In a wide cross-section of English and Tamil magazines, newspapers, and through blog posts, we reached out to readers with a large number of articles on natural history and conservation issues of this region. 

EcoQuest Nature Discovery Centre

EcoQuest Nature Discovery Centre is a unique facility established in 2007 in collaboration with Parry Agro Industries Ltd, an environmentally-conscious plantation company. This centre, located in Iyerpadi near Valparai,  has got information on plants and animals of the Valparai plateau and the Anamalai hills landscape. The centre has four themed rooms: habitats, biological diversity (2 rooms), and conservation, with posters containing photographs and educational information in English and Tamil. Seventy posters have been displayed. Various aspects of nature, conservation issues and ecosystem functions, especially on rainforests, are brought to life in the posters and on the walls, through beautiful artwork by a wildlife artist, Maya Ramaswamy. Educational films about nature are maintained and screened for local people and school children. Programmes are conducted for school and college students, estate workers, forest department officials, local people and tourists who visit the centre to create awareness on wildlife and nature conservation and on responsible tourism. Educational posters and books on nature-related aspects have been produced by us and are being sold in the centre or distributed to children in schools during activities. A good library of wildlife films, books, and other materials useful for educational programs is also available at this centre.